Setup cash back | AvaTrade

Setup Cashback | AvaTrade

In the dynamic realm of forex trading, traders are constantly seeking opportunities to enhance their profitability. AvaTrade, a well-established forex broker, has introduced an enticing incentive program called Setup Cashback, designed to reward new traders for opening and funding their accounts. This comprehensive review delves into the intricacies of AvaTrade's Setup Cashback program, equipping you with the knowledge necessary to determine if it aligns with your trading aspirations.

Unveiling AvaTrade's Setup Cashback: A Rewarding Welcome for New Traders

AvaTrade's Setup Cashback program extends a warm welcome to new traders, offering a lucrative cashback reward upon successful account opening and funding. This incentive aims to encourage new traders to explore the broker's offerings and embark on their forex trading journey with a boost to their initial capital.

Eligibility Criteria: Embracing the Opportunity

To be eligible for AvaTrade's Setup Cashback, new traders must adhere to specific criteria. Firstly, they must open a new real trading account with AvaTrade. Secondly, they are required to fund their account with a minimum deposit of $100 or its equivalent in the chosen base currency. Once these conditions are met, traders can activate the Setup Cashback bonus and unlock the potential rewards.

Cashback Rewards: Unveiling the Benefits

The Setup Cashback program offers tiered cashback rewards, incentivizing traders to fund their accounts with larger amounts. The cashback percentage increases with the deposit amount, providing a more significant boost for traders who make higher initial deposits.

  • Deposit $100 - $499: Receive a 20% cashback reward.

  • Deposit $500 - $999: Receive a 30% cashback reward.

  • Deposit $1,000 or more: Receive a 40% cashback reward.

Bonus Terms and Conditions: Understanding the Fine Print

As with any incentive program, it's crucial to carefully review the terms and conditions associated with AvaTrade's Setup Cashback. The bonus funds are subject to a minimum trading volume requirement before they can be withdrawn. This requirement ensures that traders actively engage in trading and demonstrate their commitment to the platform. Additionally, the bonus funds may be subject to certain time restrictions and may not be eligible for withdrawal if the account falls below the minimum equity threshold.

Conclusion: A Rewarding Welcome with Transparent Terms

AvaTrade's Setup Cashback program presents an attractive opportunity for new traders to kickstart their forex trading journey with a boost to their initial capital. The tiered cashback rewards incentivize larger deposits while ensuring that traders actively engage with the platform. The transparent terms and conditions, outlining the bonus requirements and limitations, empower traders to make informed decisions about participating in the program.