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Forex Trading | Currency Trading | FXCM Markets

The forex market, the world's largest financial market, facilitates the trading of currencies. With an average daily trading volume exceeding $5 trillion, it operates 24/5.

FXCM Markets: A Leading Forex Broker

Established in 1999, FXCM Markets is a renowned forex broker offering online trading platforms and services to retail and institutional clients. Regulated by the FCA, FSA, and ASIC, the company ensures the safety of client funds and fair treatment.

Trading Platforms

FXCM Markets provides two primary trading platforms:

  • Trading Station: A powerful desktop platform offering charting tools, technical indicators, and news feeds.

  • MetaTrader 4: A popular platform available on both desktop and mobile devices.

Trading Products

FXCM Markets offers a diverse range of forex trading products, including:

  • Spot forex: Buying and selling currencies for immediate delivery.

  • Margin forex: Trading with borrowed money, amplifying profits and losses.

  • Futures forex: Buying and selling forex contracts for future delivery.

  • Options forex: Obtaining the right, not the obligation, to buy or sell a currency at a specific price by a certain date.

Fees and Commissions

FXCM Markets doesn't charge commission on forex trades. Instead, it profits from the spread, the difference between the bid and ask prices. The EUR/USD spread is typically around 1.5 pips, meaning a $1.50 commission per standard lot for each trade.

Additional fees include:

  • Inactivity fee: $50 for non-trading for 12 months.

  • Administration fee: $100 for withdrawing funds.

Choosing the Right Forex Trading Platform

Factors to consider when choosing a forex trading platform include:

  • Regulation: Choose a platform regulated by a reputable financial authority.

  • Fees and commissions: Compare fees carefully before selecting a platform.

  • Trading tools and resources: Consider the range of trading tools and resources offered.

  • Customer support: Choose a platform with good customer support.

Additional Tips

  • Consider your trading style: Match the platform to your trading style (day trading, swing trading, or position trading).

  • Evaluate your experience level: Choose a platform suitable for your experience level (beginner or experienced).

  • Read the fine print: Understand the fees, terms, and conditions before signing up.

Remember, forex trading involves risks. Always conduct thorough research and make informed decisions.